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02 Aug 2016

Relax and rejuvenate your mind and body and impart to it a holistic health culled from the multiple beneficial effects of being in a comprehensive Yoga Retreat India that caters for your overall well being with fulsome finesse!
Located amidst salubrious climes and scenic locales, this serene Meditation Retreat India is situated in Dehradun in the sprawling state of  Uttarakhand, well connected to New Delhi and  Mumbai by air and train. Protected by sal forest on two sides and blessed with its own orchards of luscious mangoes and lychees, the vast estate constitutes an ideal retreat for practising both Yoga and Meditation with optimum benefits.

At this unique Yoga Retreat India they do not follow a particular school of...

14 Apr 2016
For an uplifting experience in purification – of the mind, body and emotional well-being – repair forthwith to the haven of the Panchkarma Retreat India, situated  on a sprawling, secluded 21-acre estate among the scenic environs of Dehradun, near clusters of reserve sal forest in between the picturesque hills of Mussoorie and the bustling town of Dehradun.

To fully appreciate Panchkarma Retreat India’s scope, where they are in the process of crafting meaningful activities that take valued guests outside vana on an enriching physical and spiritual wellness journey– it is the retreat itself with its contemporary design,  health-inducing wellness cuisine, daily guided meditation and yoga, nutritional cuisine...

26 Aug 2015

Yoga has been an essential part of holistic health for centuries in India. It is practiced as a technique to free body, mind and soul. Lately, Yoga has gained impetus in western countries as well and has inspired the tired masses to rejuvenate, the Indian way. Not only this, but also this age-old rejuvenating and healing practice has attracted several people from various countries to study Yoga in India. With a host of yoga centres in the country, people are offered with everything related to it, ranging from detailed courses to flexible classes. It is noteworthy that though yoga styles and teaching approaches vary from centre to centre, the overall learning and practice experience remain the same.

Without a doubt,...