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24 Jan 2017

Indulge yourself in the lush and lavishly landscaped exotic confines of the best spa resorts in Bangalore as you plan a memorable sojourn away from home and the bright city lights. Away from the madding crowd, and the mundane routine of everyday living and domestic chores, craft yourself a fairytale existence within the charming precincts of expansive resorts in Devanahalli Bangalore.

A magnum opus, the Clarks Exotica, set amidst a verdant and luxurious expanse of a staggering 5,000 trees, and just a swift 15 minutes drive from the Bangalore airport, awaits you when you travel the short distance after alighting from out-station flight and hasten through exotic palm-fringed roads towards the best spa resort in...

11 Apr 2016
Bangalore, as the pulsating capital city of Karnataka state, with its rich plethora of impressive institutions of national importance, research organizations, famous as “the Silicon Valley of India” with its advanced IT expertise and the largest IT exporter of the country affords savvy businessmen  and affluent leisure holiday makers an ideal opportunity to realise their respective goals in excellent, comprehensively endowed resorts in Bangalore and meeting rooms in Bangalore efficiently equipped with the requisite conferencing and meeting facilities.

Whether it is intimate confabulations or larger, more official corporate meets and conferences to dwell on more wide issues, Meeting rooms in Bangalore present a...

09 Nov 2015
Indulge yourself and feel loved in luxurious surroundings and with pampering privileges, in the heart of a wonderful city, with exotic palaces and gracious gardens, where knowledge flows and silks rustle, where there is a fascinating pastiche of culture and colour, knowledge and king-size hospitality and so much more! Welcome to Bangalore, the IT giant of India and the home of some of the most exotic hotels and luxury resorts in Bangalore just waiting to spoil you with exciting weekend packages from Bangalore!

Such innovative and beautiful Weekend Packages from Bangalore give you ample opportunity to feel special, cosseted and totally relaxed with the thoughtful deals they bring to you. The Weekend Getaway package encapsulates an...

02 Nov 2015
Resorts are also hotels, but resorts are a better version of hotels, with many more facilities. Resorts have swimming pools, gym, spa center, sports ground, kid’s entertainment room, open dining facility, sauna, Jacuzzi, indoor games facility, conference halls, yoga, and other recreational facilities.

At some resorts, every evening some or the other activities takes place such as puppet shows, games, for the tourist to enjoy the evening. Resorts are located in a big area and have a vast open and green space. All kinds of cuisines are offered by the resorts. There are many resorts in Bangalore that has more than one restaurant and include bar restaurants.

Resorts not only offer good lodging but also provide entertainment, good food,...

08 Sep 2015

For a rare indulgence in pleasure, perfection and style in a city which evokes images of royalty with its palatial palaces on the one hand and a fast moving modern high-tech city on the other with its impressive level of excellence in the information technology segment and India’s largest IT exporter, sojourn to Bangalore. Plush resorts in Bangalore have burgeoned  to effortlessly accommodate the various levels of multi-tiered guests visiting this bustling city with its numerous research organisation and institutions and the world-renowned Sathya Sai Baba ashram, with its melange of global devotees.

Resorts near Bangalore International Airport Devanahalli, conveniently accessible to savvy business and leisure...

14 Aug 2015
Bangalore is one of those metropolitan cities in India that is known for its beauty and at the same time it’s the Indian Silicon Valley (IT hub). The city has seen immense growth in the past decade and is touted to have the best atmosphere and weather throughout the year. The tourist haunts here are in abundance and if you want to experience the tranquility for some days and escape from your hectic and mundane life, then there are many resorts and spas in Bangalore that will offer you all of that.
Live in the comfortable hotels near Air force station!!

The defense life is always disciplined and the same goes for the people who are living in the Air force station in Bangalore. If you are intrigued to visit the base, then you can easily...

02 Jul 2015
The silicon valley of India, Bangalore, has developed dramatically within the past century. The city stands strong as a signifier of growth and development. Not only has Bangalore developed financially and economically but also in terms of tourism.  The city now welcomes thousands of tourists every year traveling for business, education and leisure purposes.

Accommodations in Bangalore are easily available in every budget frame, one can pick from a huge variety of hotels including Resorts in Bangalore. The resorts provide a luxurious stay to its guests along with premium services whereas the business hotels ensure that business needs of the guests including meeting halls and conference halls in Bangalore are provided.

Hospitality in all...