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04 Jan 2016
Since I live in Bangalore, and have lived there almost all of my adult life, I don’t really have much idea about the hotels in Bangalore. After all, why would I go live in a hotel, when I have a perfectly comfortable apartment of my own to stay in? And whenever my friends came over, or whenever some distant relatives dropped over en route to some other destinations, I would ensure that they stay in my apartment. But, the problem arose when a couple of my board directors, who are from Spain, had to come over to the city for an important meeting. I could hardly ask them to put up in my humble abode; it wouldn’t look good, right? So I started looking for Hotels in Bangalore that would offer all luxury amenities, as...

04 Jan 2016

Bangalore is one of the busiest cities in the country, and for good reason too. After all, it is touted to be the technology capital of India, akin to the Silicon Valley of the United States. Many multinational companies have established their Indian headquarters here, in addition to scores of branch offices and other subsidiaries. Indian companies, too, try their best to garner a good presence in the city. Just as I do too. I was going to have a meeting of a couple of my foreign customers this month, and I decided to hold it at Bangalore. Initially, my plan was to host the event in Delhi, my home city, but the cold there turned out to be a damper. Some of my UAE clients are a little vary of the cold, so I decided to...

01 Oct 2015

Planning a holiday may not be as difficult as deciding for the accommodation. Every person has its own mind set. Some people prefer for inexpensive and middle cost hotels, while some want to a luxurious and a comfortable stay. For them price and cost of the room does not matter, all they want is all the facilities and a comfortable stay.

In Bangalore there are many hotels, resorts, apartment hotels, motels and other premium accommodations facilities ranging from 2star hotel to 5 star and 7 star hotels. Staying at a luxury hotel will cost a person more but the experience would also be distinctive, matchless, and incomparable.

Lets see what a luxury hotel offers and why are they preferred by people over normal hotels.