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13 May 2016
Odisha, one of the most beautiful and popular states in India is flocked by pilgrims, leisure and business travelers. Its centuries old temples, white sandy beaches and serene beauty attract many throughout the year. Tourism is one of the main contributors to the Economy of Odisha. Here are a few things that make Odisha a much sought after tourist destination.


The state has a never ending list of temples that were built centuries ago and also finds significant importance in the Hindu religion. Pilgrims from different parts of the world visit these temples with offerings to please the devotees in the hope of fulfilling their wishes. You will definitely be awestruck to see the devotion and craze that people have...

29 Apr 2016
Nowadays people travel to get some respite from the monotonous and everyday schedule of their daily lives while many travel for the love of travelling and the excitement of venturing new places. Many places in this world have earned the reputation as popular tourist destinations which are now frequented by travelers.

If you are looking for some destinations which are still unexplored or off-the-beaten track, then one of the best options for you could be the beautiful state of Odisha. The state slipped off the tourist radar once Puri’s hippy-hangout days began to fade, but it is once again attracting the attention of the adventure and nature lovers.

Tourism is now one of the main contributors to the economy of Odisha....

31 Mar 2016
Orissa is a lovely place to spend some days in a happy bliss, full of a happiness that belies the face that you are actually away from home. The state is a huge magnet for tourism, thanks to the myriad temples, the rough and rocky beaches, the chances to indulge one’s appetite for seafood, and of course, the plethora of shopping opportunities. Lovely times are sure to be had, whether you have come here with your friends or with the family. If you are coming during the chariot festival, much famed throughout the whole world, then you are in for a real treat for sure. Whenever you are here, make sure that you stay at the best hotels in Orissa. These would be cinch to find, if only you know where to look. And by that...

10 Mar 2016

Don’t you just love exploring new places, and new destinations, where nothing is similar to what you are already used to? How about going away for a week or so to one such place, where you can lose your tension and find yourself again? With the busy schedules of our lives, which gets us into pressurized situations and which gets us all angry and moody, it is absolutely required that we take a break once in a while, preferably, twice a year.

These can be short vacations or if you are hankering for a long tour, take a month off in a year to go ahead and have some good times with people that are close to you, such as your better half, your entire family, or even your friends, provided they too can take time off their...