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08 Jan 2016
Dubai has been a dream destination for many, and for good reason too. The emirate is so full of life that people who once visit seem to take to the city like fish to the water. The general populace is quite inviting and friendly, and the city seems to have a sort of vibrance that is unmatched for sure. Add to that the millions of shopping opportunities here, the many manmade sights to check out, the delicious Arabian cuisine to try out and so much more, and you have got a winner on your hands. People strive to visit this place during the shopping festivals, but it is a good choice during all the other seasons as well. The climate is fine throughout the year, and you wouldn’t need more than a thin shrug or a jacket...

28 Oct 2015

Holiday brings happiness and smiles on the faces of people. When it comes to planning a holiday, not only the destination is the major point of discussion between the family members but points of consideration also includes tickets booking, and hotel booking are discussed, too. A holiday must be relaxing so the main focus is on deciding the hotel.

As every person has its own budget, thus some opt for 2star hotels, while other prefers luxury hotels. Nowadays staying at apartment hotel has become popular and thus many people prefer to stay at apartments rather than staying at hotels.

There are many advantages of staying at apartment hotels. Here are some for starters: The Apartments in Dubai are cost effective especially...