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04 Jan 2016
Since I live in Bangalore, and have lived there almost all of my adult life, I don’t really have much idea about the hotels in Bangalore. After all, why would I go live in a hotel, when I have a perfectly comfortable apartment of my own to stay in? And whenever my friends came over, or whenever some distant relatives dropped over en route to some other destinations, I would ensure that they stay in my apartment. But, the problem arose when a couple of my board directors, who are from Spain, had to come over to the city for an important meeting. I could hardly ask them to put up in my humble abode; it wouldn’t look good, right? So I started looking for Hotels in Bangalore that would offer all luxury amenities, as...

02 Nov 2015
Resorts are also hotels, but resorts are a better version of hotels, with many more facilities. Resorts have swimming pools, gym, spa center, sports ground, kid’s entertainment room, open dining facility, sauna, Jacuzzi, indoor games facility, conference halls, yoga, and other recreational facilities.

At some resorts, every evening some or the other activities takes place such as puppet shows, games, for the tourist to enjoy the evening. Resorts are located in a big area and have a vast open and green space. All kinds of cuisines are offered by the resorts. There are many resorts in Bangalore that has more than one restaurant and include bar restaurants.

Resorts not only offer good lodging but also provide entertainment, good food,...

02 Jul 2015
The silicon valley of India, Bangalore, has developed dramatically within the past century. The city stands strong as a signifier of growth and development. Not only has Bangalore developed financially and economically but also in terms of tourism.  The city now welcomes thousands of tourists every year traveling for business, education and leisure purposes.

Accommodations in Bangalore are easily available in every budget frame, one can pick from a huge variety of hotels including Resorts in Bangalore. The resorts provide a luxurious stay to its guests along with premium services whereas the business hotels ensure that business needs of the guests including meeting halls and conference halls in Bangalore are provided.

Hospitality in all...