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04 Sep 2017

If you too grew up in the 70s or early 80s like me, fond memories of dialing phone, audio tape cassettes, classic jukebox, box TV set with antenna and that famous ‘Sholay’ style vibrant coloured scooter with sidecar must give you chills if you happen to witness them all at one place. I went Goa reluctantly, mainly because I have measured all the beaches in that 10 years of frequent visits with family, friends, cousins, colleagues and possibly everyone I could plan a vacation with and stayed in some of the best boutique hotels in north Goa. But this time, as my cousin insisted, we went to this I Love Bell Bottoms Hotel Near Sunburn Festival Goa and it happened to be the best thing to happen to me in life so far.

The ...

09 Mar 2016

Against a background of lush beauty and unchallenged sylvan splendour, of a mesmerizing pastiche of exquisitely carved cathedrals reminiscent of European architectural splendour, gracious Portuguese mansions of yore, fulsome feasts and succulent seafood crafted with finesse by master chefs into gastronomic epicurean delight – against this tempting potpourri of flavours in the picturesque state of Goa, beautiful boutique hotels in North Goa offer an unforgettable staying experience.

Accommodation in North Goa, with centrally air-conditioned lavishly spaced and richly furnished rooms and suites with their infinitely appealing luxe finishes in bright and beautiful pastels offsetting the bold stone wall exteriors, the...