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09 Nov 2015
Indulge yourself and feel loved in luxurious surroundings and with pampering privileges, in the heart of a wonderful city, with exotic palaces and gracious gardens, where knowledge flows and silks rustle, where there is a fascinating pastiche of culture and colour, knowledge and king-size hospitality and so much more! Welcome to Bangalore, the IT giant of India and the home of some of the most exotic hotels and luxury resorts in Bangalore just waiting to spoil you with exciting weekend packages from Bangalore!

Such innovative and beautiful Weekend Packages from Bangalore give you ample opportunity to feel special, cosseted and totally relaxed with the thoughtful deals they bring to you. The Weekend Getaway package encapsulates an...

06 Nov 2015
The huge and the humongous, the marvellous and the magnificent capital city of New Delhi with its many splendored heritage of multiple cultures coalescing seamlessly within the colourful city of Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi with its majestic Red Fort and graceful Jama Masjid; and elegant Lutyen’s Delhi with its broad avenues and sophisticated plush hotels, its historic monuments like India Gate, Humayun’s Tomb, sprawling Rashtrapati Bhawan and spiralling Qutab Minar puncturing New Delhi’s impressive skyline, with their distinctive silhouettes! Here, where global guests pour in from all corners of the world, and eager Indians rush to glimpse a revealing slice of their rich heritage, excellent economy hotels in Delhi provide hospitable...

06 Nov 2015
Kochi (colonial name Cochin) is a vibrant city situated on the south-west coast of the Indian peninsula in the breathtakingly scenic and prosperous state of Kerala, hailed as 'God's Own Country'. Its strategic importance over the centuries is underlined by the sobriquet Queen of the Arabian Sea. Informally, Cochin is also referred to as the Gateway to Kerala. From time immemorial, the Arabs, British, Chinese, Dutch, and Portuguese have left indelible marks on the history and development of Cochin.

Over the years, Cochin has emerged as the commercial and industrial capital of Kerala and is perhaps the second most important city on the west coast of India (after Mumbai/Bombay). Cochin is proud of its world class port...

06 Nov 2015
Strategically situated a little over 150 kilometres from the bustling capital city of Mumbai, the cosmopolitan city of Pune, on the banks of the serene flowing Mutha river, plays host to an impressive automobile industry, burgeoning Information Technology as a reckonable force as well as excellent educational institutions. Which are the potent ingredients for a recipe of diverse visitors to this second largest town in Maharashtra. And hence the requirement for abundant accommodation is fulfilled in ample measure by perfect Pune hotels near airport, which proliferate like mushrooms all over the cityscape.

With Pune airport just about 15 minutes away from such efficient centres of hospitality, these Pune hotels near airport, are...

02 Nov 2015
Resorts are also hotels, but resorts are a better version of hotels, with many more facilities. Resorts have swimming pools, gym, spa center, sports ground, kid’s entertainment room, open dining facility, sauna, Jacuzzi, indoor games facility, conference halls, yoga, and other recreational facilities.

At some resorts, every evening some or the other activities takes place such as puppet shows, games, for the tourist to enjoy the evening. Resorts are located in a big area and have a vast open and green space. All kinds of cuisines are offered by the resorts. There are many resorts in Bangalore that has more than one restaurant and include bar restaurants.

Resorts not only offer good lodging but also provide entertainment, good food,...

28 Oct 2015

Holiday brings happiness and smiles on the faces of people. When it comes to planning a holiday, not only the destination is the major point of discussion between the family members but points of consideration also includes tickets booking, and hotel booking are discussed, too. A holiday must be relaxing so the main focus is on deciding the hotel.

As every person has its own budget, thus some opt for 2star hotels, while other prefers luxury hotels. Nowadays staying at apartment hotel has become popular and thus many people prefer to stay at apartments rather than staying at hotels.

There are many advantages of staying at apartment hotels. Here are some for starters: The Apartments in Dubai are cost effective especially...

27 Oct 2015
Vishakhapatnam is one of the beautiful cities in India surrounded by sea. It is often called as the ‘Jewel of the east Coast’. The lush green landscapes offer breathtaking scenic beauty. During the monsoons, Vishakhapatnam becomes all the more beautiful. Hence, it is a favorite tourist haunt for both local and global tourists. To meet the overflowing demands of the Tourism industry, there is no dearth of accommodation in Visakhapatnam.

Depending on the spending capacity, revelers can select from 2star, 3 star, 4 star or 5star resorts and hotels. Hence, obtaining an accommodation is not at all difficult, if planned with a good travel and tours company. The best hotels in Visakhapatnam are offering one of the finest services to the...

27 Oct 2015

Pune is one of the largest cities in Maharashtra and is a growing city for industries, businesses education, and IT sector. This is city has become a favorite option for leading companies to establish their office, and hence thousands of professionals annually settle down in this city. For frequent business travelers and tourists there is no dearth of hotel accommodation in Pune

For business travelers, Business Hotels in Pune is the best bet because it provides facilities such as, meeting rooms with facility of video conferencing and wireless Internet, mikes, screens, air conditioner conference halls, all sorts of printing machines, fax machines, and all other electronic devices.

Additionally, there are software and...

26 Oct 2015
Tranquil mountain hideaways, fairytale desert settings, relaxing beaches, exhilarating jungles, and of course the exotic Taj Mahal - here are some of the highlights that India has to offer that won't fail to leave a lasting impression. You'll also find hotels just as stunning as the places they're located in to create lifetime memories with your loved ones. Different Hotels in India boast of a myriad of options to take a pick from and suit your pocket, mood and provide excellent facilities.

We help you zero in on a Honeymoon Destination in India
to feel the magic of love and cherish memories for a lifetime. Unremarkable Agra offers one of the most remarkable and romantic sights in India, the magnificent monument of love that is the Taj...

23 Oct 2015

For a sublime holiday experience, sojourn to the quaint city of Pondicherry which is a charming pastiche of Dutch, Portuguese, British and French colonial influences. Now a significant Union Territory bounded by the south-eastern Tamil Nadu state, the predominantly French city of Pondicherry, or Puducherry as it is now known in contemporary parlance, is also the regional capital and largest city in the UT of Puducherry. Situated along the well known Bay of Bengal, with a stream of discerning visitors, hospital hotels in Pondy play host graciously to such guests!

With its popular seaside promenade running along the Bay of Bengal as the waves ebb and flow with frolicsome glee, the authenticity of its French Quarter...