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12 Sep 2016

Since most people nowadays believe in resorting traditional medicine systems when it is about health and wellness, many centers providing organic products and ayurvedic medicines are popping up.

Therapiya is one such Wellness centre in Delhi which offers a holistic, deep and qualified alternative to conventional medicine. The centre is located in Padmini Enclave and can be visited by appointment only.

What sets Therapiya apart from its counterparts is its process of studying the overall logistics and anatomy of a client and then forming an itinerary for them, suiting their requirements and state of health.

Every client gets exclusive attention and a customized process of treatment. Therapiya’s detailed attention and...

09 Sep 2016

If you are planning a trip to Orissa, there are several things you can do to make your trip memorable one. Although there are many Hotels in Orissa, staying at Swosti hotels will ensure an enjoyable stay for you. Swosti Group of hotels is considered as the largest hotel chain in Odisha, consisting of two majestic hotels in Bhubaneswar which are ‘Hotel Swosti’ and ‘Swosti Premium’, and a fine luxury resort at Gopalpur-on-Sea named ‘Swosti Palm Resort’.
Their dedicated service in the hotel and tourism sector has earned them a number of national and international awards in the last twenty years. Owing to their proximity to the airport and railway station, they are the most preferable choices of visitors among the Hotels in...

01 Sep 2016

Hasten to Allahabad, also known as Prayag, situated in the huge state of Uttar Pradesh and the seventh most populous city in the state. The city's original name – Prayaga - which translates as "place of offerings" – comes from its significant position at the Sangam (confluence) of the sacred Ganga, Yamuna and mythical Sarasvati rivers. The second-oldest city in India, it plays a central role in Hindu scriptures. With this benediction, visitors here, can comfortably ensconce themselves in well-appointed, pleasantly furnished hotels in Allahabad near railway station.

 All such hotels in Allahabad Civil Lines, offer inveterate travellers, a satisfying staying experience and though tourism formed the base of its...

02 Aug 2016

Relax and rejuvenate your mind and body and impart to it a holistic health culled from the multiple beneficial effects of being in a comprehensive Yoga Retreat India that caters for your overall well being with fulsome finesse!
Located amidst salubrious climes and scenic locales, this serene Meditation Retreat India is situated in Dehradun in the sprawling state of  Uttarakhand, well connected to New Delhi and  Mumbai by air and train. Protected by sal forest on two sides and blessed with its own orchards of luscious mangoes and lychees, the vast estate constitutes an ideal retreat for practising both Yoga and Meditation with optimum benefits.

At this unique Yoga Retreat India they do not follow a particular school of...

09 Jun 2016
Destination  -  exotic, aim – to experience ecstasy, in an ambience of magic and melodramatic beauty. Sojourn to the alluring Andaman Islands , one of the seven union territories of India,  a group of islands of scintillating beauty situated at the juncture of the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea, beckoning inveterate travelers to explore its munificent charms! Stay in the luxurious Havelock Beach Island Resort  next to the crystal clear blue sea, hemmed in by sun-kissed beaches and quaint pathways flanked by sensuous swaying palms and get rejuvenated in an ambience of resplendence.

Resorts in Havelock Island with their sumptuous air-conditioned Lagoon Suite, steeped in elegance and  equipped with LED television,...

03 Jun 2016
Looking to explore rich history and cultural efficacy of India? Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, is renowned for its intriguing history and cultural heritage that dates back to 4th century BC. On one hand, the city is an abode of Tribhubaneswar or Lord Lingaraj, depicting ancient temples and rich tradition; on the other hand, modern Bhubaneswar is marked by state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern buildings, and world-class facilities. Presenting a unique blend of old world charm and cosmopolitan lifestyle, the city attracts tourists from around the country. Catering to discerning needs of travelers, hotels in Bhubaneswar near railway station offer comfort and convenience at its best.

Places to Visit in Bhubaneswar...

19 May 2016
To capture the stars in your eyes, to walk along moonbeam scattered sands in the breathtakingly beautiful Andaman Islands - an amazing archipelago of 300 palm lined, white-sand beaches, mangroves and rain-forested interiors -  in India’s beguiling Bay of Bengal, is an awesome experience by itself! When you stay in delightful honeymoon resorts in Andaman and Nicobar Islands for that memorable time of your life, then it becomes an absolutely unforgettable memory crafted with infinite finesse upon the pastiche of your psyche!

Particularly plush Havelock Island Hotels – this island with its bewitching chain of beautiful beaches a great favourite with honeymooners and possessing sumptuous beach resorts – indulges...

18 May 2016
In pursuit of business or work in a bustling city buzzing with high level activity, universities, research institutes, institutions of vital national importance and of course the unrivalled giant of the IT industry and the country’s largest exporter of  IT technology having earned it the sobriquet of “Silicon Valley of India” Bangalore is constantly teeming with guests! Beautiful business hotels in Bangalore have burgeoned and proliferated the fabric of the city’s culture, with professional panache customary contemporary chic!

Facilitated by a fulsome infrastructure that defies description and contains every conceivable modern gadgetry and provision for usage of high-tech operating computer, music and gaming systems etc, these

16 May 2016
In case you are in the mood to indulge yourself and celebrate your special event in style, then it would be judicious for you to check into a luxury hotel in Pune and harness the immense opportunities present in a wonderful wedding hall in Pune to host this sacred and special occasion in splendid surroundings with divine decorations and fairytale lighting!

With over 18 dozen stylish  and spacious rooms, studios and apartments, centrally air-conditioned and generously endowed with a melange of contemporary conveniences, a luxury hotel in Pune affords potential wedding guests the ideal luxurious infrastructure of lavish accommodation in which to ensconce themselves comfortably and plan the great event!

With around...

13 May 2016
Odisha, one of the most beautiful and popular states in India is flocked by pilgrims, leisure and business travelers. Its centuries old temples, white sandy beaches and serene beauty attract many throughout the year. Tourism is one of the main contributors to the Economy of Odisha. Here are a few things that make Odisha a much sought after tourist destination.


The state has a never ending list of temples that were built centuries ago and also finds significant importance in the Hindu religion. Pilgrims from different parts of the world visit these temples with offerings to please the devotees in the hope of fulfilling their wishes. You will definitely be awestruck to see the devotion and craze that people have...