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04 Sep 2017

If you too grew up in the 70s or early 80s like me, fond memories of dialing phone, audio tape cassettes, classic jukebox, box TV set with antenna and that famous ‘Sholay’ style vibrant coloured scooter with sidecar must give you chills if you happen to witness them all at one place. I went Goa reluctantly, mainly because I have measured all the beaches in that 10 years of frequent visits with family, friends, cousins, colleagues and possibly everyone I could plan a vacation with and stayed in some of the best boutique hotels in north Goa. But this time, as my cousin insisted, we went to this I Love Bell Bottoms Hotel Near Sunburn Festival Goa and it happened to be the best thing to happen to me in life so far.

The hotel is designed as per the 70s and 80s style with all vintage goodies, furniture and decor. All those things I mentioned above, I actually saw and used them as long as I stayed there. Wish I could just pack them up with myself and live forever in my youth!

As far as the rooms are concerned they have well furnished, well equipped bedrooms and bathrooms with all modern facilities and amenities, plus the vintage feel I often missed in my life. I always regretted why I gave away my old red coloured dial phone and replaced it with the cordless phone with LCD, because the wonderful nostalgic conversations we had on that corded phone are simply irreplaceable. Here in this hotel, I used the vintage phone after so many years and actually felt young again.
About menu, their food is delicious and comes with a wide variety and options in the menu. They have in-room dining facility too which makes the stay even more comfortable. I’ve pledged to visit Goa every year and take every one person I ever went to Goa with again and show them how it feels if you get a chance to live in your prime years once again.

BTW, the hotel I Love Bell Bottoms is close to all the beaches for you to explore.


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