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23 Jan 2017

Summary: Weight loss has become a trend in the present era, and following the same, many people have started depending on different ways to achieve the results they seek. People have started adopting Ayurveda, the science of life for the holistic enhancement of the body and mind and to achieve utmost comfort.

Everybody wants to be fit in today’s world, look good and stay in shape, but not many put in sufficient efforts in this direction. One has to invest time to maintain body fitness. People shell out a lot of money on different treatments without giving a thought about the pros and cons of the treatment and end up disappointed.
Proper awareness of a particular treatment prior to its adoption is what the society needs. Physical activity is important but not many people get sufficient time to indulge in it and are hit hard by fat.

There are many ayurveda centers in Delhi. Ayurveda, which stands for Ayur = Life, Veda = Science, is basically the science of life. It is an ancient medical science that came into being in India, thousands of years back. These days many people have started depending on Ayurveda to get rid of various problems. Weight loss treatment in Delhi has become very common with people becoming more conscious and concerned about their weight and looks. With the increasing demand for fitness, the capital of India is now overflowing with loss treatment centers.

One of the leading Ayurveda centers in Delhi is Therapiya, which deals in traditional medicine systems. At present, Therapiya offers excellent Ayurveda and Sowa Rigpa. The center provides consultations, huge range of treatments and top-notch Ayurveda pharmacy.
At the center, ayurvedic treatment is provided under their ayurveda specialists and therapists. They follow genuine treatment protocols true to the tradition. They often customize a treatment when the need arises. Presently the center’s ayurveda repertoire offers abhyanga, urdhwanga, patra pinda pizhichil, shiroabhyanga, sthana vasti, matra vasti, among many others.

The center has a dedicated learned team, mindful design and detailed procedure, working on becoming a holistic substitute to conventional medicine and a way to greater comfort.

Therapiya is situated in Padmini Enclave, New Delhi and provides you with a personal and nurturing environment, which you can visit only after appointment. The center demands commitment which eventually results into long-term good health. When an individual visits Therapiya, he/she is shown the path that leads to improved health and wellbeing.  

At Therapiya, the experts seek to allow clients to mindfully and progressively work towards improved health and wellbeing. Through holistic consultation, the center’s consultants deeply study the case of every individual inside out to better understand the medical condition and needs. Once done, they create a regime for the visitor and start working on it.

Therapiya offers all treatments and consultations in the form of bouquets that are valued in treatment weights. The bouquet includes treatment weights that provide the visitor with two options: either follow the schedule prepared by the consultant or to take treatments at times as suggested. Through such procedures, an individual gets to know how to stay committed to self improvement.

About the Author: Therapiya is an urban center for traditional medicine systems. The experts at this center use learnings gathered over so many years for the proper understanding of every single person who steps into the center. Therapiya is one of the best ayurveda centers in Delhi. The team finds out the ‘dosha’ (vata, pitta or kapha) of the visitors and put in efforts to drop them in the highest state of wellbeing. In the race of looking better, everybody has started following different treatments. Such a scenario has given rise to a lot of weight loss treatments in Delhi.


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