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05 Oct 2016

Nowadays, people are getting more conscious about their health and preferring organic products over their unhealthy counterparts to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Even when it comes to healing diseases and other health-related issues, people prefer resorting to ayurvedic medicines and natural cures.

Therapiya is one such Ayurveda centre in Delhi by Vana for traditional medicine systems. Located in Padmini Enclave, the centre can only be visited after an appointment, but is open for everyone over the age of 12. It offers a holistic, deep and qualified alternative to conventional medicine.

Therapiya works not only to heal their clients suffering health problems, but also to motivate them to mindfully and progressively work towards enhanced health and wellbeing. The centre’s experienced consultant first studies a client’s health and medical condition as well as body type and preferences. After making notes, the consultant crafts an itinerary for the client, suiting their requirements and state of health.  

The treatments and consultations are then available as part of a customized bouquet, valued in wellness weights according to the needs of a client. Through the itinerary or treatments planned by the consultant, Therapiya maintains its intention of being a serious and focused centre by encouraging the client to be committed to the treatment for definite results. This makes it the best available centre for Weight loss treatment in Delhi.

Therapiya is centered on the science of ayurveda, offered under the guidance of specialists and therapists to restore equilibrium of an individual using basic principles, treatments, supplements and nutritional advice. With the help of this ancient science, they study a person holistically and consider not only physical, mental, and spiritual self, but also their environment and its effect on them to determine their ‘dosha’ (vata, pitta or kapha). Their current ayurveda repertoire includes abhyanga, shiroabhyanga, shirodhara, udwartana, urdhwanga, patra pinda swedana, navara kizhi, choorna swedana, pizhichil, sthana vasti, pichu, nasya, anuvasana vasti, matra vasti, niruha vasti and more, as part of a client’s treatment itinerary. All products used at Therapiya are chosen for their therapeutic value and made by the most reputed pharmacies in India.

Therapiya uses Sowa rigpa, which is the traditional system of medicine from Tibet influenced by both ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. Experts explore the balance between three ‘nyepas’ or energies- loong, tripa and baeka- within each individual, and then, prescribe the best suited treatments to the client. Treatments could be ku nye, dhugs, chu lum and hor gyi metsa.

Therapiya has also developed its own range of products under the brand name Vanveda. These products include massage oils, aura sprays, Indian essential oils and aroma soya wax candles using purest essential oils, medicinal herbs and ingredients that are natural and certified organic where possible.

Therapiya is also planning to release traditional Chinese medicine as well as Yoga therapy later this year.


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