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12 Sep 2016

When embarking on that most special experience of your life – a honeymoon – to firmly entrench the stars in your eyes and reiterate your love for each other, then exciting Honeymoon packages in India, innovatively conceptualized and ingeniously crafted for you pleasure and supreme happiness, will undoubtedly transport you to hitherto inexperienced heights of bliss! Whether in other interesting destinations or spent enchantingly ensconced in hospitable hotels in Uttarakhand, such thoughtfully put together honeymoon packages, with your personal happiness as the main motivating factor, are bound to give you a memorable time!

When you select the appropriate plan from among a munificent array of stimulating honeymoon packages in India, it might be highly rewarding to get away from the madding crowd and sojourn for a beautifully memorable honeymoon in the hills, ensconced in hotels in Uttarakhand picturesquely situated among the Nainital hills. Six delightful cottages in Ramgarh offer their own breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset, or both ! The 19th century colonial Bungalows are located in the scenic Kumaon belt, approximately 35 km from other hotels in Nainital, in proximity to fruit orchards lush with apricots, plums, peaches, pears and apples through the summer!

With commanding hilltop views and having once house historical luminaries such as the debonair first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, with lavish space and an abundance of exquisitely designed furniture, chairs and artefacts, massive, reassuring beds covered with vivid furnishings as a counterpoint to the salubrious climes and promising you an undisturbed night of serene slumber, you can enjoy being pampered here in lavish splendour! Or situated in the Rose Cottage, occupy the deluxe Magnolia suite, named after an artwork by Jehangir Sabavala, and terraced at two levels, has one double and three single beds and the above area can be curtained off for privacy.

When you judiciously choose Hotels in Uttarakhand to spend memorable moments amidst entrancing scenery, flowering shrubs and flowers which form a colourful profusion of beauty around you, then surely you will receive a rich platter of other advantages too, such as wholesome, nourishing and extremely tasty cuisine, lovingly prepared to infuse you with warmth and energy and titillate your taste-buds into craving more!

So tuck in energetically to appease your voracious appetites with delicious , spicy North-Indian cuisine, as well as charming Continental or piquant oriental classic culinary preparations to provide you with a quaint melange of gastronomic flavours. To satisfy adequately a diverse range of culinary desires, authentic Italian and enjoyable Chinese cuisine can also be savoured here with relish and you can eat to your heart’s delight, picking your preferences from among their delightful and lavish buffet spreads!

So let such interestingly crafted Honeymoon packages in India, whether you are enjoying the splendours of the Rajasthani fort-palaces closer home with their resplendent accommodation, spa and gastronomic extravagances or roaming the radiant hills in pursuit of purer bliss, imbue you with serene happiness!


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