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12 Sep 2016

Since most people nowadays believe in resorting traditional medicine systems when it is about health and wellness, many centers providing organic products and ayurvedic medicines are popping up.

Therapiya is one such Wellness centre in Delhi which offers a holistic, deep and qualified alternative to conventional medicine. The centre is located in Padmini Enclave and can be visited by appointment only.

What sets Therapiya apart from its counterparts is its process of studying the overall logistics and anatomy of a client and then forming an itinerary for them, suiting their requirements and state of health.

Every client gets exclusive attention and a customized process of treatment. Therapiya’s detailed attention and a sincere team make it a genre of its own, especially in an urban environment. The treatments and consultations are provided as part of a bouquet valued in wellness weights. The bouquet or consultation either involves an itinerary to be followed regularly by the client, or a process of treatments that can be taken periodically. Through this planned and well laid out itinerary, a client becomes committed to his well-being. Being a centre seriously focused on working towards the holistic well-being of a person, the consultants at Therapiya not only provide treatments to those in need, but also motivate them to mindfully and progressively work towards enhanced health and lifestyle.

Therapiya is based on the ancient science of ayurveda, which studies a person’s physical, mental and spiritual self, as well as their environment to restore equilibrium. While the treatment may be customized, the treatment protocols are authentic and true to traditions offered under the guidance of their ayurveda specialist and therapist.

For those looking for Tibetan healing in Delhi can visit Therapiya for Sowa Rigpa which is a traditional system of medicine from Tibet. It involves a process of exploring balance between the three ‘nyepas’ or energies within each individual, loong, tripa and baekan, and then best suited treatments, supplements and medication are prescribed to each client accordingly.

The treatments include ku nye, dhugs, chu lum and hor gyi metsa which are offered under the guidance of their sowa rigpa specialists. Sowa rigpa bears similarities to Ayurveda as well as traditional Chinese medicine, since historically, it was influenced by both. Their team of therapists are fully trained and formally certified from the Men-Tsee-Khang, the Tibetan Medical and Astrology Institute in Dharamsala. Also, all the sowa rigpa oils, products, herbs and teas used at Therapiya are sourced from the Men-Tsee-Khang.

Therapiya is also adopting traditional Chinese therapy and yoga therapy. While the traditional Chinese therapy follows the philosophy of yin and yang and five elements of human body, Yoga focuses on posture (aasan), breath control (pranayam) and meditation (dhyan). These two therapies will be available at Therapiya later in 2016.


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