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02 Aug 2016

Relax and rejuvenate your mind and body and impart to it a holistic health culled from the multiple beneficial effects of being in a comprehensive Yoga Retreat India that caters for your overall well being with fulsome finesse!
Located amidst salubrious climes and scenic locales, this serene Meditation Retreat India is situated in Dehradun in the sprawling state of  Uttarakhand, well connected to New Delhi and  Mumbai by air and train. Protected by sal forest on two sides and blessed with its own orchards of luscious mangoes and lychees, the vast estate constitutes an ideal retreat for practising both Yoga and Meditation with optimum benefits.

At this unique Yoga Retreat India they do not follow a particular school of yoga but instead look at it in its pure undiluted form. The ancient art of Yoga is practised here in a form that looks back to the roots of the science and includes body postures (aasan), meditation (dhyan), breath control ( pranayam) and nutrition. The immediate beneficial effects of Yoga are believed to be to increase the body’s energy and its flow through the body, leading to a greater feeling of well being and peace.

At this systematic and scientifically conceptualized  Yoga Retreat India, in addition to bespoke private and group sessions at the yogasala,  guests are also generously offered daily morning sessions at the outdoor yoga temple and evening sessions at the yogasala that are open to all the guests.

The following practises, therapies and other rejuvenating and re-energizing practises that are followed here, encapsulate in a nutshell. They are Ayurveda, Sowa Rigpa or the ancient Tibetan form of medicine, Yoga of course, natural therapies, a rejuvenating and relaxing spa, fitness and aqua centres and activities.

It is interesting to note that to make the wellness experience as meaningful as possible, a plethora of  retreat well being activities are offered each day and include group yoga, guided meditation, raag therapy, nutritional cuisine lessons, om chanting, mindful tea, flute recitals, sufi singing, ai chi, interactions with the experienced wellness experts and more.
At this wellness, Yoga and Meditation Retreat India, situated in such idyllic surroundings, the personnel in charge have thoughtfully crafted a bespoke wellness itinerary for each of the guests to address individual needs and stressors and help them unwind, de-stress effectively and rejuvenate their minds and bodies within a holistic framework. Apart from the vast array of treatments, consultations and private sessions, the retreat well being activities play a vital integral role in creating a transformative experience for all the discerning visiting guests!

While weekly activities help to build endurance and give guests a chance to experience the outdoors, each season, the reserve promises interesting variations of sight, smell and sound, making it ideal for photography, bird watching, meditation or simply being and getting in touch with your inner being in a spirit of harmony. So come, surrender to unlimited benefits of this splendidly crafted Yoga retreat India and reinvent yourself!


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