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13 May 2016
In the blessed retreat situated amidst sylvan surroundings, in an ambience of serenity, purity of atmosphere and intent, get far away from the stress and strain of complex modern living and achieve a perfect synthesis of spiritual and physical well-being through a Yoga holiday India that promises holistic health crafted expertly through a regimen of exercises, nutritive culinary ingestion of fresh, organically grown produce, administering of natural therapies, Ayurveda, rejuvenating spa, a vigorous fitness regimen and soothing aqua practices!

Imbibing a scientific intake of Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss in India based on a scientific personal assessment by professional experts in the field, reinvent your body and your persona to reflect a pleasing and healthy personality and get rid of excess weight and attendant dangerous health conditions such as high blood pressure and cardiac complaints!

Such Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss in India , following from the basic quintessential premise that understanding oneself and a balanced lifestyle are the key ingredients to a healthy life, this scientific form of medicine, under the expert guidance of Ayurveda specialists and therapists, seeks to restore equilibrium  using basic principles, treatments, supplements and nutritional advice encompassing nutritious cuisine and more!

Creating inspiring foods that suit different body types and quintessentially achieve the perfect synthesis between different ingredients, flavors, seasons and palates, there is an restaurant here that brings together subliminal Indian cuisine based on Ayurvedic principles and attendant gastronomical technique.

To commence this scientific journey, they begin by using predominantly organic ingredients and involving the local community, all grains, pulses and lentils including the wheat and rice used in the spotlessly clean kitchens being totally organic. Incorporating organic sunflower oil, as well as certain seasonal vegetables supplied by a local organic cooperative, furthermore even the nutritious tofu, soya milk and freshly-made cheese are sourced locally. Special diets can be crafted for specific guests, if so desired, using the guidance and advice of specialists and consultants! Refined sugars, grains and oils are assiduously avoided here!

Augmentation with ayurvedic based knowledge to create the purest essential oils, medicinal herbs and natural ingredients creating three lines within an established Vanaveda range for the three body types (doshas) of vata, pitta and kapha, Ayurveda goes a step further!

And in addition to exclusive bespoke sessions private and group sessions at yogasala, there are invigorating daily morning sessions of Yoga exercises at the outdoor yoga temple and evening sessions at the yogasala open to all guests, thus ensuring a perfect Yoga holiday India!The Yogasala offers two private studios as well as a group studio and altogether there are 55 individual private treatment and consultation rooms spread across the Ayurveda and other centers, facilitating optimum wellness and complete synthesis of body and mind! With select guest suites having their own meditation and treatment rooms it constitutes a perfect environment for healing.


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