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30 Apr 2016

Ensconced like a jewel on the western coast of India and an intrinsic part of the scenic coastal country known as the Konkan – an escarpment rising up to the Western Ghat range of mountains – Goa is the smallest state of India. With its pristine beauty and characterized by silver sands and endless stretches of beguiling beaches, its shores washed by the waters of the serene flowing Arabian Sea and graceful coconut palms swaying gently in the cool evening breeze, it beckons the savvy traveler to be pampered in lovely luxury hotels in North Goa.

Such luxury hotels in North Goa and, particularly, a plush hotel in Goa near beach, offer the valued guest, luxurious and richly furnished Standard, Deluxe and Premium rooms and the lavish Goan suites with their abundance of unique teak furniture, fine linen, premium quality duvets and delicate muslin blinds fluttering in the gentle breeze. Delightful Luxe touches of aquatic blue and sun-kissed yellow contrast strikingly with the exposed white stonewalls of the rooms. The king-size beds, perfect linens and soft fluffy pillows are supremely comfortable to drop your anchor for the night and guarantee an undisturbed nights repose!

In this land of sunshine and laughter, of the fiery feni and moonlit beaches, of lively beach parties and melodious music, can gourmet cuisine be far behind? The charming café, with artful interpretations of the blue bird depicted on pristine white patio columns, al-fresco dining where you can savor sumptuous cuisine under the lush shade of trees, offers you tempting brunches and delightful dinners. Culled with fulsome finesse from organic ingredients which are fresh and of fine quality, you can gorge or succulent Indian meats, a

sensuous Indian pasta with a rich, creamy sauce, an authentic Goan curry to set your taste-buds tingling or even one of many delicious decadent deserts – homemade with loving care!

Or escape to a land of fantasia – to the fabled ambience of an Alice in Wonderland themed bar with its plush black and white interiors, well-fashioned furniture, intimate banqueted booths where you can relish sublime appetizers and exciting and innovative drinks, elevating you to dizzying heights! Whether you enjoy an aged wine, a sip of connoisseur scotch or an exquisite cocktail blends the perfect lounge experience with service and ambience that make it a memorable experience!

When you are cosily ensconced in such a posh Hotel in Goa near Beach, with an inviting swimming pool, free use of pool table and efficient dry cleaning /laundry services, lavish buffet breakfast and complimentary wi-fi, bikes and scooters on hire to explore the interesting countryside with its gorgeous cathedrals and churches, airport transfers and more, then such Luxury Hotels in north Goa deliver the best effortlessly!


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