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14 Apr 2016
For an uplifting experience in purification – of the mind, body and emotional well-being – repair forthwith to the haven of the Panchkarma Retreat India, situated  on a sprawling, secluded 21-acre estate among the scenic environs of Dehradun, near clusters of reserve sal forest in between the picturesque hills of Mussoorie and the bustling town of Dehradun.

To fully appreciate Panchkarma Retreat India’s scope, where they are in the process of crafting meaningful activities that take valued guests outside vana on an enriching physical and spiritual wellness journey– it is the retreat itself with its contemporary design,  health-inducing wellness cuisine, daily guided meditation and yoga, nutritional cuisine lessons, music performances, aromatic herb and vegetable gardens, mindful tea, lush fruit orchards and more, which create an overall experience of wellbeing.

Panchakarma or the “five actions” are a series of therapeutic treatments that eliminates toxins, purifies and revitalizes the body, opens the subtle channels and balance the Doshas.  Essential to revitalize your body with Ayurveda’s most important detoxification treatment and experience a unique holiday with strong Yoga and Meditation accents in a pure environment, is an absolute must for every contemporary individual living constantly in an environment predominated by stress, competition, overwork and balancing a tough professional existence with an environment of domestic bliss.

Panchkarma Retreat India
practises a form of Yoga in India that goes back to the roots of science and includes body postures (aasan), meditation (dhyan), breath control (pranayam) and nutrition. With Yoga’s immediate effects being to increase the body’s energy and it’s flow through the body, leading to enhanced wellbeing, the emphasis here is to concentrate on Yoga’s undiluted form and offer daily morning sessions at the outdoor yoga temple and evening sessions at the yogasala quintessentially incorporating Ayurveda, Sowa Rigpa, Yoga, Natural therapies, Spa, Fitness and Aqua in the practice of  holistic Yoga in India.

Perhaps it would not be out of context to recapitulate the many beneficial aims and effects of the Panchkarma process, which is believed to secure ultimately a complete elimination of all toxins and toxic conditions from the body, both physical and mental, restoring constitutional balance, improving health and definitely increasing longevity! Strengthening the immune system, muscles and joints, aiding glandular hormone secretion and reversing the negative effects of stress and pollution, enhancing energy, vitality and mental clarity and ultimately affecting deep and (hopefully) lasting rejuvenation,, the beneficial effects of following such a holistic and health inducing practice, cannot ever be over-estimated! Thus Yoga in India also plays a vital role, along with other complementary and enhancing scientific health practices on a regular basis in a pollution free and serene environment, in reinventing a positive and holistically healthy personality – both physically and mentally!


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