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10 Mar 2016

Don’t you just love exploring new places, and new destinations, where nothing is similar to what you are already used to? How about going away for a week or so to one such place, where you can lose your tension and find yourself again? With the busy schedules of our lives, which gets us into pressurized situations and which gets us all angry and moody, it is absolutely required that we take a break once in a while, preferably, twice a year.

These can be short vacations or if you are hankering for a long tour, take a month off in a year to go ahead and have some good times with people that are close to you, such as your better half, your entire family, or even your friends, provided they too can take time off their own busy schedules.

This year, maybe you could take a tour to the distant land of Orissa. It is already a hot and heavy tourism favourite, with their rocky beaches, their myriad colourful temples, their age old rituals, and of course, the much famed Rath Yatra. In the state, everywhere you go, a sort of peace follows you; maybe it is because of the utter devotion that the pilgrims have for this place. You don’t have to go as a pilgrim unless you want to, right? You can go as a tourist, and simply take in the sights of the city.

There are several Hotels in Orissa that might be perfect for you, and since you are taking a big gamble on taking time off from office to go have a good vacation, you should book only the best for your stay.

Why not try to book one of the Hotels in Bhubaneswar near Airport? This way, you don’t have to get stuck in traffic after having gotten down from an already exhausting trip. After all, you must be tired already from the journey, why start off the vacation on a bad mood, right? Staying near the airport would also mean that you can spend a few extra hours catching your much loved 40 winks, even if you have an early flight to catch.

Now what could be better than that, right? These hotels offer a truckload of benefits for their guests, including myriad deals and packages that can make you feel as if you are getting great value for your money, and that indeed is the case with these hotels. Add to that their seamless service and cutting edge amenities, and you have got a winner on your hands.


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