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04 Jan 2016
Since I live in Bangalore, and have lived there almost all of my adult life, I don’t really have much idea about the hotels in Bangalore. After all, why would I go live in a hotel, when I have a perfectly comfortable apartment of my own to stay in? And whenever my friends came over, or whenever some distant relatives dropped over en route to some other destinations, I would ensure that they stay in my apartment. But, the problem arose when a couple of my board directors, who are from Spain, had to come over to the city for an important meeting. I could hardly ask them to put up in my humble abode; it wouldn’t look good, right? So I started looking for Hotels in Bangalore that would offer all luxury amenities, as well as wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg. After all, if I am paying for the rooms, I would like to stay within a certain budget.

And then it hit me; I also have to organise a sort of mini conference with all my board directors, which would include all my Indian board of directors as well. I was in a terrible fix; I just did not have time to go around looking for Conference Halls in Bangalore. There was so much left to do, who would have time to organise the whole event, make sure that refreshments were decided on, served at the right time, and of course, all the equipment required were on hand. So, my husband decided to help out. He took a couple of days off from work, and ensured that everything was booked and paid for. He was the one who came up with the hotel that I finally went with. They offered us competitive rates, and also are touted to have one of the best Conference Halls in Bangalore. They also assured me that their event management team will be always by my side, ensuring that everything goes off without a hitch. And that is exactly what they did! Their rooms were a dream to walk into, and my guests all said they were really happy with the arrangements.

 The conference too went off just fine, with no hiccups to mar the event. Refreshments and beverages were served at the right time, and tasted delicious, might I add. Lovely arrangements, and now that I know which hotels in the city is perfect, I am sure I am going to insist on holding all future events in my city, Bangalore. Who knows, I might even insist on letting my friends and relatives stay there, just so that I could go and visit them at the hotel and sample their delicious food.


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