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24 Dec 2015
When I found a couple of bed bugs and a row of termites walking the walls of my new home I realized that it was time for a pest control company to come in and work their magic. I decided to have the entire place fumigated, since it is an old property and I got it for a song! I could afford to get the place completely renovated as well, since I got it for so cheap, but before any new furniture I bought and before I get any walls painted, I knew that I absolutely have to get rid of the pest and the insects. On contacting one of the best pest control companies in the city, I realized that I would have to leave my home for at least 3 to 4 days, since the fumes of the fumigation process would make sure that I can’t live there for even a night.

I wanted to live close to my home, in case there are any problems, and thus I started looking for one of the best and yet a bit affordable Hotels in South Delhi.

I started looking for someplace that would be close to the market, and the Hotels near Hauz Khas Delhi fit the bill perfectly. The hotel seemed to be situated in the perfect location, and the nearby areas were teeming with life. I definitely wouldn’t be bored here. The hotel itself offered a huge range of amenities and services, and even if I didn’t leave the hotel for the few days that I stayed there, I knew it would be fine. The staff too seemed very supportive. When I told them of my predicament, they sympathized with me and even offered to share the names of a few other companies that have worked for them in the past. Since I already had a company lined up, I declined their offer. But, their beautiful interiors led me to ask them for the name of the companies that helped in decorating their gorgeous lobby and the rooms.

They willingly shared, and even gave me a few tips on renovating my new home. What a lovely staff, and I must also commend the training they were given. Never did I see a face without a smile, and they always greeted me whenever they saw me in the corridors or the lobby. I used to go over to my house to keep an eye on the progress of the pest control people, and used to come back completely exhausted. The comfortable bed at the hotel was a real asset then, and had me cocooned in sleep even before I switched the lights off. The food too was delightful, with many a delicious bites to choose from. I would recommend this place for sure.


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